About Us

The Tlowitsis are a British Columbia First Nation of 400 registered members. Our traditional territories span the coastal area of Northern Vancouver Island, Johnstone Strait and adjacent mainland inlets. From time immemorial until the 1960s, we occupied numerous sites throughout these lands. Seasonal travel routes, food processing locations, burial and cultural sites and other named places extend across the entire territory. Kalagwees, located on Turnour Island, was our primary winter residence.

The Tlowitsis were displaced from our traditional village of Kalagwees on Turnour Island in the 1960s, leading our people to be culturally and physically separated from our traditional territories. Since then, we have been a First Nation without a formal community to call home, and limited opportunities have been available to our people to take an active role in their community. We have been searching for lands to establish a new community since the 1980s.

The Tlowitsis First Nation currently has an office located on the property of the Homalco First Nation.